My experience with Dr. B.N Shukla was great! The whole crew that was present during my surgery  made me feel comfortable and confident with the procedure before, during, and after! I am very pleased with the outcome of my results. Everything I asked for was granted, plus they suggested alternate options they could provide for my surgery.

Neha Srivastava

I have regained my health to be there for my family and watch my children grow. None of this would have been possible without Dr. B.N Shukla and his amazing staff they are the ones who truly helped me in this next step of my life.

Rita Singh

Dr. B.N Shukla is a life saver.  Great treatment, I experienced very minimal discomfort from the whole thing and was back at work in a few days.  Backache gone, sleep apnea cured, and feeling great! 

Rakesh Sharma

Dr. B.N Shukla and staff has changed my life in so many ways, the weight loss is amazing, the new/eating/workout habits are great but most of all –my favorite part is the compliments and the admirations I get from friends/family.

Utkarsh srivastava