Bariatric Surgery

Laproscopic Gastric bypass

Applying Laproscopic method we will make a small stomach pouch  by using endoscopic stapler from upper part of stomach then this pouch joined with jejunal part after jejunum devision and bypassing stomach,duodenum and 75-100 cm of jejunum. By restricting the stomach capacity thus restricts the amount of food intake and decreasing appetite and absorption of food and produces harmonal changes.

Criteria for  gastric bypass surgery
•    BMI is 37.5kg/m2 or higher?Or 32.5kg/m2 and association with diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure.
•    The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) recommended bariatric surgery to patients with BMI  between 27.5-32.5 kg/mt2 if their diabetes uncontrolled by drugs and insulin requirements > 80IU/day.
•     Gastric Bypass operation is particularly useful for those who crave for sweets (sweet-eaters)