Bariatric Surgery

Laproscopic Sleeve gastrectomy

It also performed by Laproscopically and we made  the stomach into a long sleeve like shape and  done by devision of stomach by stapler and  removeing 75-80% of stomach part.By restricting quantity of food intake,reduces appetite by lowering  ghrelin harmone level and induces early satiety.

Criteria for sleeve gastrectomy

  • It is first choice in certain condition like patients
  • who had undergone previously with multiple abdominal surgeries,
  • complex abdominal hernia surgery with mesh and causing  dence adhesion of bowel with mesh,
  • inflammatory bowel disease like crohns disease,ulcerative colitis and cirrhosis of liver

Defer in case of

  • Hiatus hernia /GERD
  • surgery not preferred than gastric bypass for diabetes(60-65%  in comparision to 80-85%%)