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Why Weight?

Eat less, move more. It's a simple prescription for the overweight. Just apply a little willpower. If only it were so easy.

Food 'like meth' to addicts

A third of the population could be addicted to food and the problem should be treated as a medical condition, says an addiction expert.

Surgery leads to pain and physical function improvements

Large percentage of patients with severe obesity who underwent bariatric surgery, experienced improvement in pain, physical function, and walking capacity over three years, according to a study, ‘Change in Pain and Physical Function Following Bariatric Surgery for Severe Obesity’,

You are what your parents ate!

You are what your parents ate!

According to science daily -

Is your health affected by what your parents ate? Diet-induced obesity and diabetes can be epigenetically inherited by the offspring, according to new research in animals.

"This kind of epigenetic inheritance of a metabolic disorder due to an unhealthy diet could be another major cause for the dramatic global increase in the prevalence of diabetes since the 1960s".