Are supplements of multivitamins and multiminerals essential after surgery?

Its depend upon the procedures but viamines and minerals supplements essential during weight loss period and with respect to type of surgery you have for life -long

Which insurance company will cover pay for the surgery, are any other payment plans available?

Some insurance company now give coverage for obesity like Star health insurace and some company could give after showing them that this is a life saving surgery not a cosmetic surgery and some insurance company like bajaj allianz provide loans for bariatric surgery. If you are not able to qualify for a loan, the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) produces a helpful guide, titled “Working with Your Insurance Provider

Is it neccessary to take Low calories diet before surgery?

We always prescribes our patient Very low calories diet(VLCD) for 2-3 weeks before surger because it will reduce size of liver and abdominal fats that will helps us in view of surgical safety and it will also shows your motivation and will-power to lose weight and attitude towards to follow posoperative diet plan.

Is diet or exercise schedule should be required after surgery?

Absolutely required for life long maintinence of your weight -loss because bariatric surgery is a medium which helps in early and long term weight-loss (55-70% excess weight loss upto 5-10 years and varies with type of surgery) so you should always follow low calories diets,taking supplement of minerals and vitamins ,daily exercise ,good sleep,stress management , boost-up your will power and attend supportive group meetings.

What will happen after surgery for my previous medicines ?

Bariatric surgery will ressolve or improve diabetes just after few hours of surgery or within few days after surgery so blood sugar monotoring will required for dose modification or stopage of drug and further drug dose adjustment needed as weight -losss will occurs as long..Other problems like hypertention,lipid abnomalities,other cardiac diseases,arthritis and fertility will ressolve or improve as your weight -loss going on so your physician will stop certain medicines or dose modification of drugs will required.