After which time period i can start my exercise schedule?

We are always promoting our patients for as early as possible mobilisation and walking even on operative day after 2-3 hours.Then we are progressively increase time and frequency of walking and other physical activities as much possible for the patients and our experience physiotherapist team support and motivating patients for activities such as chest physiotherapy,leg exercise, independent bed off,brisk Walk and stair up-down and at the time of dishcharge on 2nd posoperative day we give a chart for gradual manner increase in physical activities like isometric aerobic exercises like walking,cycling,tread-meal exercise,swimming etc. according to tolerance of patients and follow their own body language. Physical activities level can vary patient to patient and according to your surgeons protocol but commonly it will take 10-14 days for mild to moderate physical activities and 3-4 weeks for moderate to heavy physical activities .

Can i plan for bariatric surgery,If any previous history of abdominal surgery ?

Generally no any problems arise with abdominal surgery but you should give us information and detail about your surgery that what type of surgery and for which condition it had performed . Procedure which commonly performed are LSCS,Cholecystectomy,Appendicectomy,Hysterectomy,Tubal ligation and small umblical hernia repair but these procedure not affected bariatrc surgery performance and type.But if any other Gastro-intestinal procedure and large abdominal wall hernia repair with mesh had done then you should give full information to your surgeons and it could be change type of bariatric surgery which performed upon you according to your previous abdominal surgery type.

Can plan for bariatric surgery if i have heart ,lipid disorder and vascular diseases?

You can plan for bariatric surgery and it will significantly gives improvement in your heart related diseases and we will do your surgery alwaays after clearence of fitness for surgery given by cardiologist.

For pregnancy when i will plan after surgery and any impact over health of foetus?

We reccomonded to our patients for pregnancy till 14-18 months after bariatric surgery because of this is the weight loss period and may be some nutrition defficiency can occures Polycystic-ovarian disease (PCOD) and harmonal level abnomalities causes inferility and associated with obesity so fertility increases after bariatric surgery because of weight- loss and harmonal level changes .Loss of weight of mother also affects pregnancy outcomes by decreasing chance of pre-eclmpsia or eclmpsia(High blood pressure in pregnancy),gestational diabetes ,decrease chance of stillbirths and miscarriages. If you are taking reccommended dose of protien,multi-vitamins and multiminerals then no any developmental retardattion of foetus will happen after bariatric surgery rather than it will helps obese population.

What will we do if my skin loose after bariatric surgery?

After more weight lose your skin will sag because of subcutaneous fat loss from skin and it will not affecting any daily normal physical activities of patient but if you are worried about your cosmetic appearence then we recommmended plastic surgery for skin tightening or excess skin removal after 16-18 months.

Is hair loss common after bariatric surgery?

Sometime temporarly hair loss could occure generally after 6 months period due to psychological stress,physical stress and nutritional reason and will manage by proper protien intake,multivitamins and multiminerals,it will helps in re-growth of hair.