Is Weight Loss Surgery right for me?

Is Weight Loss Surgery right for me?

Are you?

  •   Unlikely to lose weight or keep weight off long-term with non-surgical measures?
  •   Well informed about the surgical procedure and the effects of treatment?
  •   Determined to lose weight and improve your health?
  •  Aware of how your life may change after the operation (adjustment to the side effects of the operation, including the need to chew food well and inability to eat large meals)?
  •  Aware that you will need to avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine, carbonated or sugary drinks after the operation to avoid problems?
  • Aware of the potential for serious complications, dietary restrictions, and occasional failures?
  • Committed to lifelong medical follow-up and vitamin/mineral supplementation?

Remember: There are no guarantees for any method, including surgery, to produce and maintain weight loss. Success is possible only with maximum cooperation and commitment to behavioral change and medical follow-up—and this cooperation and commitment must be carried out for the rest of your life. Surgery mainly works by helping with appetite control, not with the desire for carbs.


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