In the weeks and days before weight loss surgery

In the weeks and days before weight loss surgery

  • Follow your doctor's instructions concerning your medication.
  • Stop smoking for at least 30 days before weight loss surgery. Smoking may increase the lung sensitivity during the surgery and can cause pneumonia. Smoking may also slow down the healing progress by narrowing the blood vessels and thereby limiting the flow of the blood to the healing areas. Many surgeons will not perform surgery if there is evidence proving that the patient is a smoker and even go as far as asking for blood or urine examination for an evaluation of nicotine level before the operation.
  • Lose some weight before the operation. Since the stomach lies under the liver, during the surgery the liver is lifted. If the liver is very oily, the operation may not even be carried out due to the liver cracking and bleeding. If the weight is reduced by 3 – 15 kg, depending on the excess weight, the size of liver goes down. Therefore the risk of complications due to liver bleeding decreases, while the possibility that the surgery will be performed successfully increases.
  • Abstain from alcohol consumption for at least 48 hours before weight loss surgery.

The Last Night Before Your Surgery

Follow your surgeon's recommendation. Avoid drinking and eating before the operation.

Please note: these rules serve as suggestions on how to prepare for the surgery. Taking the time to get ready for weight loss surgery may decrease the risk of complications, as well as make your rehabilitation more convenient and stress-free.


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