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Welcome to Obesity Clinic and Bariatric Surgery Centre

OCBSC has a team of highly qualified experts which specializes in management of obesity and its co-morbidities.The OCBSC has been established with the goal to provide state of art treatment to those suffering from obesity. The team has pioneers of different fields to take care of various medical and surgical problems related to obesity.OCBSC centre has founded by Dr. B .N.Shukla.

Dr.B.N. Shukla is among the leading Bariatric Surgeons in Uttar Pradesh and leader of multidisplinary team of OCBSC and specializes in Bariatric Surgery (Weight loss Surgery),Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal surgery and Metabolc Surgery.He has conducted more than thousand laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures and has produced excellent results.


  • Bariatric Surgery

    B ariatric surgery indicates a variety of gastrointestinal (GI) surgical procedures originally designed to induce weight reduction in morbidly obese patients. Benefits of bariatric surgery, however, extend well beyond weight loss and include dramatic improvement of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and reduction of overall mortality.

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  • Diabetes Surgery

    O besity and type-2 diabetes are global health problems there is a strong co-relations between them . The relative risk of diabetes with increase BMI is greater than those with normal BMI range . Generally 50% indivisuals are obese who diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.Prevalence of diabetes increases disproportionately as obesity increases in a population.

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  • Laproscopic Hernia Surgery

    L aparoscopic / Endoscopic hernia repair is similar to other laparoscopic procedures.A thin, lighted scope called a laparoscope is inserted through the incision. The instruments to repair the hernia are inserted through other small incisions in the lower abdomen. Mesh is then placed over the defect to reinforce the belly wall. Laparoscopic surgery, also called minimally invasive surgery (MIS)

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  • Minimal Access Surgery

    L aproscopic / Minimal Access Surgery is completed with one or more small incisions instead of a large incision. The surgeon passes a telescope with video camera and instruments through a small hole over abdominal wall and enter into a body cavity and perform procedure by view real time video over monitor .

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Why Weight?

Eat less, move more. It's a simple prescription for the overweight. Just apply a little willpower. If only it were so easy.


Food 'like meth' to addicts

A third of the population could be addicted to food and the problem should be treated as a medical condition, says an addiction expert.